Simply the best Wedding Cakes in the Heart of Toronto 2020!

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The perfect wedding cake in Toronto 2020

So you’re about to enter the next chapter in your life by getting married. Your friends and family are excited. The wedding reception is booked. The bridesmaids are excited. Wedding invitations have been sent out. You have the perfect wedding dress. Fresh flowers have been ordered. The food for the special ceremony has been selected.

A lot of time, effort and thought has gone into planning this big day. Everything must be perfect and run smoothly. So what’s left? A wedding cake to compliment your wedding day. Knowing how you want the wedding cake to look and what flavors and ingredients to choose from can be a difficult decision.

At La Patissiere, we understand that a wedding cake is more than just a cake. A wedding cake is a centerpiece for your wedding ceremony or reception. Only the bride and groom can define their perfect wedding cake.

To ensure that the bride and groom receive the perfect wedding cake to complement their special ceremony, we use the best quality ingredients and flavors.

Expect to receive the best wedding cake in Toronto….

With the choice of the brides and grooms favorite flavors, size of all components, wedding cake decorations, flowers, style, ideas and personality, you can expect to not only receive the best cake in Toronto, you can also expect to receive the best wedding cake in the world. On top of that, we get your cake delivered to you on the big day. We will ensure that the wedding cake is delivered at your chosen destination in Ontario safely and with extreme care.