Magnificent Baby Shower Cakes in Toronto 2020

Simply the best Baby Shower Cakes in Toronto for a Girl or Boy

Gathering your friends and family to celebrate the arrival of an expected baby by throwing a baby shower is no ordinary party gathering. This is a special party. The mum-to-be is gifted with lovely gifts for her and the new baby. She may be expecting a boy or girl. Whatever the gender of the baby, without a doubt, this is an exciting, surprising and at the same time, an emotional time. A baby shower is not complete without a baby shower cake. So why not compliment the baby shower ceremony with a baby shower cake?

At La Patissiere, ordering a baby shower cake is easy, however, choosing a baby shower cake design can be overwhelming. You simply want the best baby shower cake.

Expecting the best baby shower cake in Toronto

At La Patissiere, you can find the best quality customized, handcrafted baby shower cakes that will reflect your personality, ideas and the theme of the baby shower.

The arrival of a new baby boy or girl is worth a celebration. In fact, the arrival of a new baby is a special and exciting moment of your life. You may not know the gender of the baby boy. You know for certain that it is a boy or girl. This is an occasion in your life which is about to change your life forever and for the best.

You are excited and want to share this special moment in your life with your friends and family. You decide to have a baby shower. What better way is there to celebrate than with a baby shower cake along with having a good time and really enjoying the moment.

Why not order a custom baby cake to complement the celebration of your baby shower?

It has never been easier to order a baby shower cake at Toronto .

All our baby shower cakes are personalised and custom made at your request.

We want this to be an amazing baby shower celebration with a perfect baby shower cake that will be an unforgettable memory in the future. To ensure that this happens, we ensure the use of the best quality ingredients for all of our cakes.

Did you know?

A baby shower is thought to have started in the Victorian era with simple tea parties and a sponge cake.

The baby showers that are happening in the modern world are completely different from the ones that took place centuries ago. These days, the mother-to-be is showered with lavish gifts and parties. This is an excuse to have the best baby shower cake.

Personalised Baby shower cakes in Toronto

If you are looking for the best personalized and custom made baby shower cakes in Toronto, then we have you covered. At La Patissiere, we create the most delicious custom baby shower cakes in Toronto. We even make matching baby shower cupcakes to compliment the baby shower cake of your choice.

Chocolate baby shower cakes in Toronto

At La Patissiere, we make the finest chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes to celebrate the arrival of a new born, whether you are expecting a baby girl or baby boy.

What our customers say

Expected it to turn out…………………..

I ordered a special cake for a special mother. It looked way better than I expected it to turn out. The cake was soft and the taste was perfect. I highly recommend her, her work is too meticulous.

The cake was ………………..

I had a wonderful experience with La Patissiere. Their cake was beautiful and tasted amazing! It didn’t last long as even people who don’t typically eat cake asked for seconds.

The cake was……………………………..

The cake was delicious and very cute!!!!


Always my go-to baker for beautiful and tasty cakes.

Made my baby shower cake…………………….

Nazia made my baby shower cake, and she perfectly executed what I had envisioned how it would look like. Her buttercream baby shower cake tasted amazing to eat! She was quick with her responses to me and also provided me with a good price for my baby shower cake. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family and order from her again.